Weekly Update: The Streamlined Process Begins!

So I’ve said this before in a lot of previous Weekly Updates, but now that my exams have begun, I’ve got a nice streamlined process – plus a lot of spare time – leading up to September.

First off, I have exams until the middle of June. Then comes a nice, relaxed summer before I start university in September.

So what will I do across that summer period? I’m not entirely sure. But with a book idea currently lingering in my mind, I’ll hopefully finish planning at the novel at least and get writing if possible. As well as that, I hope to return to reading after taking a weird hiatus from it (I slowly made my way through The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson in two months – which is too long)!

But with school finished, I’ll have a lot of time on my hands. As those close to me will know, I’ve always been a person that likes being busy with regular tasks and jobs to complete. So, with all of my commitments from extra-curricular clubs and school no longer applying now I have finished Sixth Form, I have time – and that’s scary!

Anyway, speaking of summer plans, what are you planning to do this summer? Comment below – I’d love to hear them!



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