Weekly Update: Remembering Forgotten Stories

So this week I’ve been completing things nicely in order to prepare myself for when I leave school next week. Fortunately, this had lead to me being able to squeeze in some light reading. Unfortunately, it’s the fourth book in a series, of which the first three I read back in 2012 or earlier. For that reason, I have forgotten the plot and essentially, some of the main characters.

Luckily I am able to remember key details soon enough, but it makes me wonder, should more be done by authors to ensure that even if I was to read the third book in the series first, I would still have an idea of what’s going on?

Obviously the main issue with that could be spoilers, but on the other hand, it’s their choice to start the series that way and it helps people like me who may have had a hiatus between the latest books and the previous books in the series.

So this is what I’ve been thinking about lately. What do you think?

Are you able to remember details of a series after having left it for a while? Do you think books in a series should have the ability to act as a stand-alone as well? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Remembering Forgotten Stories

  1. When I was younger — middle school age or so — I could easily pick up a new book in a series years later. Maybe I’m just getting older now, or maybe I read more standalone stories now than when I was a kid. Some series I’ve ready so many times I could pick up any of their books and know exactly what’s going on. Harry Potter comes to mind.

    I do think all books in a series should be able to stand on their own. They should have enough of their own story arc to do so without having to rely on previous books. When I do read a series, I don’t want to have to refer to other books to understand what’s going on.


    • Absolutely. Come to think of it, I think that’s what books in a should do – not be able to stand alone, but not rely too much on previous novels in the series. I agree with you when it comes to referring to other books too – it just gets confusing!

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I suspect a lot of the time, it’s the publishers who make these decisions. The idea is that people who haven’t read the first in a series should go back and buy it. Recently, I’ve been reading children’s books that are promoted as part of a series but are really just a novel broken into parts, in order to sell more. If you buy a full length novel,it’s maybe $14.95 or even a couple of dollars more. If you break it up into five parts and sell each part for $10-11 …

    As a reviewer I get really annoyed when I receive a book that’s number 13 in a series.

    Really, it’s not too difficult to make a book more or less stand alone, and if you can’t, there can be a “Story so far” at the beginning.

    But as for remembering the one you last read in 2012, it will come back to you, no problems. Just read. 🙂

    Allison, I see your point about Harry Potter. Me too.


    • I like the idea of a “Story so far” section in a book! Perhaps that could be a prologue!

      I hope so – best keep reading, eh? Haha!

      Thanks for commenting!


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