Cooking with Liam | The Adventures of a Soon-to-be Student

After confirming my place at my first choice university, I know have two final things to focus on before September: exams (which are set to arrive very soon) and preparing myself for university life. When it comes to the latter, one of the skills I am currently mastering is that of cooking.


My latest meal, Spaghetti Bolognese, which I cooked yesterday. I think I’m getting used to the blogging etiquette of taking a photo before you eat!

When I first decided that I wanted to start cooking to prepare myself for university life, I bought Joy May’s cookbook Nosh for Students. Easy, simplistic and not to mention tasty, the recipe book has been used many a time since I purchased it.

Then, after cooking curries and a stir-fry, I’ve come to realise that cooking can be quite therapeutic. As well as this, the recipes can encourage me to try something new – in particular, making an omelette, which I have surprisingly never tried before (it was delicious, by the way).

So, with a few meals under my belt, I have to say I’m really enjoying cooking and will of course post more updates in the future. Thanks must go to Joy May’s book, Nosh for Students which I thoroughly recommend to soon-to-be students!

What is your favourite meal to cook? Comment below!



14 thoughts on “Cooking with Liam | The Adventures of a Soon-to-be Student

  1. Anything pasta based is great for students. I also find Yorkshire puddings so easy to make and perfect meal with mash potato and sausages! I lived off stir frys when I was at university. 🙂


  2. Good on you for preparing, and have fun. I don’t want to panic you before you even finish school, but the time will come when you’re heartily sick of spaghetti and find that stir-fries don’t give you the nourishment you need – and uni is a time when you need a LOT of nourishment, trust me on this! There are plenty of ways to get the maximum results for the minimum of effort, so check out some food blogs and type up any experiments that work. Don’t forget the fruit and vegies! 🙂

    A few years ago, while staying at a youth hostel in NZ, I met a lad who was travelling during his gap year. He had become sick of pasta and tinned soup and was teaching himself to cook REAL meals. He was very inspiring – I must admit that when travelling I wasn’t bothering much, but these days I try to do something good even when I’m only staying a couple of days.


    • Oh absolutely! I didn’t mean to say that these would be the only two foods I would eat at university! Haha!

      Joy May’s book has a load of different foods to choose from – I’m hoping to try more of her recipes soon!

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    • Oh awesome! Go for it – cooking is great fun! I’d definitely recommend ‘Nosh for Students’ by Joy May which I mentioned in this post – it’s brilliant!

      Good luck!


  3. Good luck with your exams and with starting uni – I’ve just confirmed my choices too so it’s all fun and games (or rather, exams) from here!
    The spaghetti bolognese you’ve made looks great, the ultimate comfort food! Thanks for the book recommendation too, I think I’ll be living off Thai curry and scrambled eggs at this rate so I might take a look…


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