Writing Update: I Have a Plan…

Upon searching my blog for a new title so I don’t repeat myself, it’s quite embarrassing that I found around 20-30 posts announcing that I was planning my latest novel idea. Of course, with me often having outbursts of self-doubt, the idea never lasts long. However, my idea at the moment has lingered in my mind for about six months now, the idea won’t disappear unless it is planned and written. In this week’s life update, I can announce that I have begun planning my book!

Although I have said that I’ve given up on previous ideas, I have learnt something each time. In particular, I’ve learnt that I’ve never been a fan of professional planning with Excel spreadsheets and so forth. So now, I develop my main idea until it becomes a fully stretched synopsis for my book, then I have a greater idea of my plot.

It is this which I have been doing at the start of this week. I have one side of the story planned, so now it is the other side! I remember saying that my creativity stalled and that I had writer’s block, but now I feel inspired and eager to develop the plot further. I can’t wait to write!

Are you a writer? How is your latest WIP doing? Or, if you’re a reader, what are you reading currently? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “Writing Update: I Have a Plan…

  1. My WIP is currently with an editor and is going through some revisions. I was so happy to have finally finished the first draft!

    I think self doubt is pretty common for most writers. There have been many, many times that I look at my own writing with an overly critical eye.

    I usually have at least one notebook floating around in my purse in case an idea strikes while I’m out, whether it’s an idea for a character or just a description or phrase. For a long time I never planned out my works or actually plotted them. I’d hit this horrible 30k word wall, then I could go no further. It was very frustrating. Now, I start with just a spark of an idea, then go through and plan everything out.

    Good luck with your book!


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