Vote for a GCSE in British Sign Language! | The Wednesday Article

Deaf lifestyle blogger Liam O’Dell, who blogs at The Life of a Thinker, is backing Signature’s campaign to create a GCSE qualification for British Sign Language (BSL).

The campaign is a pitch to Richard Branson, as part of his latest promotion: Pitch to Rich – which allows businesses to pitch new and exciting ideas to the Virgin boss.

Signature is one of the main course providers for BSL qualifications from Level 1 to 6. Now, Signature hope to introduce a GCSE qualification in BSL.

As a deaf young person, Liam strongly supports the idea of a GCSE in BSL.

“I’ve always wanted to learn BSL to communicate with friends,” said Liam. “But it’s just as important for hearing people that they learn BSL, too.”

Members of the public have until the 5th May to vote. The top 150 campaigns will then form a shortlist.

To vote for this campaign, you can click here.



6 thoughts on “Vote for a GCSE in British Sign Language! | The Wednesday Article

  1. Wow I think this is such an amazing idea! I’m not deaf but I have always wanted to learn British Sign Language and actually asked at school if they could recommend a course to take in my spare time, but no one really helped me. They were only interested in pushing St Johns Ambulance or Duke of Edinburgh.

    This should definitely be on the curriculum, and I think I might sign up for a Signature course once I’ve finished uni next month 🙂


    • I’ve always wanted to learn BSL, but the Signature qualifications are a bit too pricey for me!

      That’s a shame. More schools should push BSL as it’s such a rewarding language to learn!

      Great! I look forward to hearing more! Perhaps post some updates on your blog if you do?

      Thank you for commenting!


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