Musical Discovery: ‘Closer’ by Rae Morris

I had first heard of this track, and Rae Morris herself, when it was played last year on BBC Radio 1. Since then, I’ve realised that Morris also provided vocals for Clean Bandit’s Up Again, and after a few more listens, Closer is this week’s Musical Discovery.

Starting with a mellow piano riff, Rae’s soft vocals are given a more relaxing feel in the verses. As well as this, the unusual rhythm of the lyrics creates something unexpected but intriguing for the song.

Then, during the bridge, both the piano riff and Rae’s vocals develop. The deep piano notes change to a repetitive but emotive melody, and Rae demonstrates her ability to perform high notes in lines such as: “Going, going, gone.

This is the same when the track finally reaches the chorus. At this point, strings are also introduced and the drums are more pronounced – giving the chorus an emotive and soulful feel. In particular, Rae’s high notes continue with this rather catchy chorus.

At first, I was unsure of the track. But now, the track has become a catchy and soulful introduction to Rae Morris.

What do you think? Comment below!



6 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Closer’ by Rae Morris

    • That’s great! I do music recommendations every Monday so be sure to stop by every week!

      She’s great! I like her song with Clean Bandit which is another good song to check out!


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