Where I Like to Read | A Guest Post by Jenny from Jenny in Neverland

The quick answer to that question would be; anywhere but there’s specific places I like to settle down comfortably with my book and enjoy my time reading. Unless I’m comfortable, I find it hard to concentrate on my book and obviously I want to devote as much attention to the story as possible! So here are a couple of my favourite places I like to read!

My bed

Probably the most obvious choice, but I love curling up in bed with a good book, a cuppa and my dog laying on my feet. It’s one of those rare, perfect moments when you’re completely content with what’s going on. I rarely read in bed at night anymore, which is a shame but whatever time of day, I always get a lot of reading done there because it’s my safe haven – it’s where I feel most comfortable and safe where nothing can get me in my little book bubble!

In the garden

This is probably my favourite ever place to read; nothing beats a gorgeous summers day in the garden with a good book; I have lost count of the amount of hours I’ve spent out there reading. Luckily, I live down a small street, mostly occupied by older people and my garden doesn’t back onto anything; so it’s quite secluded and private – which I love. We have a swinging hammock chair which is where I spend most of my summer days sitting, reading.

On a beach/by a pool

I’ve got lots of good memories going on holiday with my parents as a teenager and even then, I was a complete bookworm so never went on holiday without a book. I remember one particular holiday to Gran Caneria where I spent hours and hours working through Breaking Dawn (which, if you’ve read it, will know it isn’t a 10 minute read!) Reading in a gorgeous country, by a beach or a pool, is always so relaxing.

In a hotel / cottage etc.

Wherever I’m staying when I go on holiday, whether it’s a hotel or a cottage in the countryside or a chalet; I always take my book and always give myself time to read in accommodation. I like the feeling of being away from home, in a different place but still having the normality of settling down in bed or on the sofa to have a read; despite everything else going on around you.

Thank you to Liam for having me on his blog today!

Many thanks to Jenny from Jenny in Neverland for writing this guest post. You can visit her blog by clicking here, and you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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