Liam hosts new online Twitter chat! | The Friday Article

Lifestyle blogger and music fanatic Liam O’Dell – who blogs at The Life of a Thinker – has set up a new blogger chat on Twitter.

Using the hashtag #musicalbloggers, Liam asks both lovers and bloggers of music questions every Thursday at 6pm (GMT).

Liam was inspired to set up the chat after discovering that there isn’t much discussion about music in the blogging community. However, music still comes under the bracket of lifestyle.

“I decided to set it up as I love the Twitter chats that bloggers can get involved in. The fashion, beauty and lifestyle communities – amongst many more – are huge. But I think music is something all bloggers can get involved with.”

So far, the blogger has hosted two chats, and hopes to host more in the future. Bloggers can join in the chat every week using the #musicalbloggers hashtag and by following Liam on Twitter: @lifeofathinker.

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