Thoughts on ‘Adventure Live’

It was my birthday yesterday, and it was by chance that one of my favourite artists, Madeon, was performing on that same day in London that evening.

With Madeon rarely making appearances in the UK apart from festivals, seeing him perform on his own tour was amazing and a chance I couldn’t afford to miss.

The gig itself took place at a venue called Oval Space in London. Although it’s not a particularly large venue like that of Earls Court or the O2 Academies, the small size of the venue gave the audience a perfect view of the performers. Its small, village hall-like feel and appearance made it a unique venue that was different to the mainstream London venues.

After a quick dinner in China Town, we got numerous tubes to Bethnal Green where it was a rather long walk to the venue. Once inside, it wasn’t long before Madeon’s support act, One Bit, took to the stage.

With remixes of tracks such as Need U (100%) by Duke Dumont, I Want You by Saint Raymond and Desire by Years and Years, One Bit’s various styles of dubstep and electro had everyone warmed up and ready for Madeon himself. As well as that, a play of Garden by Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs was also commendable.

After their set, it was Madeon’s turn to perform. With Isometric as his opening, – accompanied with a stunning visual display similar to Sub Focus’ concentric circle design – Hugo cleverly interchanged between tracks from his album, as well as the favourite, legendary tracks we all love.

But what made his performance different to other DJs is his improvisation. Throughout his set Madeon added slight changes to his tracks that made them unique and different to the CD versions.

As well as that, the design of his set meant that the audience could see his Novation Launchpads – as well as every button he pressed to make his unique sounds.

Madeon’s Adventure Live is a stunning visual display in terms of set design as well as a stunning display of Hugo’s talents. With the perfect mix of old and new songs that makes him great to see live, Madeon is definitely my favourite musician.


P.S. You can read my review of Adventure in my post here.


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