Musical Discovery: ‘Nonsense’ by Madeon feat. Mark Foster

In a surprise release yesterday morning, French DJ Madeon (Hugo Leclercq) revealed the latest track from his debut album Adventure.

Already Adventure boasts vocals from Kyan and Passion Pit (with a track featuring Dan Smith from Bastille yet to be released), but now, the new track, entitled Nonsense, sees Mark Foster from Foster the People lend his vocal talents.

When compared to previous releases, it is clear that each track is creative and allows Madeon to explore his talent. From the grunge style of Imperium to the upbeat pop of You’re On – no track is the same. In this instance, Nonsense has a different structure to Madeon’s other tracks.

Unlike the cinematic choruses of Pay No Mind and You’re On where Madeon displays his creative talent, this time the DJ leaves the chorus to Mark Foster – allowing him to create a chorus that showcases his soulful vocals.

Instead, Madeon adds slight electronic vibes to the song’s verses, as well as a brief musical interlude before the song finishes, of course.

As more tracks from Madeon’s debut album are released, it is fair to say that Adventure will be a hit album when it is released on 30th March.



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