The Friday Article: Liam Witnesses the Solar Eclipse

Lifestyle blogger Liam O’Dell was, amongst many others, able to witness the partial solar eclipse.

Earlier this morning, Liam noticed the start of the solar eclipse, as the moon started to cover the Sun. The blogger was able to safely take photos of the eclipse throughout the process.

After speaking to the aspiring journalist, he admits that astronomy has always been a fascinating to him.

“I was never really good at biology or chemistry.” said Liam. “But astronomy has always fascinated me because it’s something to be marvelled. It can be so complex.”

After the eclipse, Liam was glad to be able to witness such an extraordinary astrological event.



6 thoughts on “The Friday Article: Liam Witnesses the Solar Eclipse

  1. Love the style of this post, article of general blog-style, interesting take! I didn’t actually see the eclipse, but everyone has such amazing pictures I can just look at them in the dark and pretend I was there haha!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland


    • Haha! Great! I’m really glad you like these articles! I do these every one in a while to practice my journalism skills (I aspire to be a journalist one day!), but I don’t know whether talking about myself in the third person makes me look self-centred! Haha!

      That’s true! Either way it’s fascinating stuff!


  2. I’m the same, astronomy really interests me (not that I do much to pursue that interest haha) These are great photos! I wish I was able to see it better but it was too cloudy from where I was experiencing it.

    Kathryn | Nimble Note


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