Musical Discovery: ‘Home’ by Madeon

Earlier this week, French DJ Madeon (real name Hugo Leclercq) released a new track from his eagerly anticipated debut album, Adventure.

Unlike the fast-paced euphoria of his previous releases (such as Imperium, You’re On and Pay No Mind), his latest release, Home, appears to be somewhat laid-back and chilled track of the album.

Beginning with a slow tempo and occasional piano chords, the song definitely gives a chilled feel. The track also has a complex synth melody that builds up towards the chorus.

Not only is the contrasting chorus a surprise to listeners, but the fact that Hugo sings on this new track adds to its brilliance.

Then, as the song finishes with a musical interlude and an almost chant-like ending, Madeon develops the dramatic atmosphere created by the song to make the track a definitive and euphoric ending to what is set to be a brilliant debut album.


You can read my reviews of ImperiumYou’re On and Pay No Mind by clicking on the hyperlinked text.


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