Musical Discovery: ‘Something New’ by Axwell ^ Ingrosso

After Swedish House Mafia disbanded, the trio have all explored different musical opportunities. For Axwell and Ingrosso, they have joined forces to produce more electronic dance anthems, this time for their latest track, Something New.

With the latest Beats advert appearing everywhere on television recently, it was almost impossible for me not to hear this song soon enough (as it is the soundtrack for the advert). Funnily, upon listening to the track in full on YouTube, the advertisement beforehand was for Beats.

Anyway, to the song itself. Although the vocals are uncredited, the male vocals add a chant-like feel to the duo’s previous anthems. This is further shown in the chorus, with an almost vocal solo singing the line: “We belong to something new.”

The song then develops its catchy, memorable and somewhat guitar-like melody. With it being upbeat and fast-paced, the song immediately becomes another unique anthem to enter the electronic dance scene.

What do you think? Comment below!


P.S. This week’s Weekly Update shall be up tomorrow!

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