Eastenders: A Crime Writer’s Reaction | The Friday Article

After 10 months of waiting, the identity of Lucy Beale’s killer was revealed yesterday to be that of half-brother Bobby Beale.

As Jane enters the house to find Lucy dead on the floor, she turns to find Bobby with the jewellery box in his hand. At this point, Bobby explains that “she started it” – creating the idea that the motive was down to nothing more than sibling rivalry.

In a special flashback episode which aired yesterday, the night of the murder was played again from Lucy’s viewpoint, developing motives and creating further suspects.

But whilst the episode explained “whodunnit”, the motive and how Bobby killed Lucy are still a mystery.

With crime fiction now shifting towards psychology and the motive, viewers only being given the killer’s identity is disappointing.

Another element of surprise is Bobby’s absence from the final line-up. Whilst I praise the show’s ability to provide a shock twist to even non-viewers, other viewers may consider the red herrings to be a waste of 10 months.

However, if the twist is to be justified, the motive must be a solid one. I hope this is revealed in tonight’s semi-live episode.



2 thoughts on “Eastenders: A Crime Writer’s Reaction | The Friday Article

  1. “a waste of 10 months”

    That about covers it. Talk about an anti-climax.

    From a crime-writing perspective, Eastenders deserves a lot of credit for the Linda Carter rape storyline, as do the actors closest to it. I’ve even grown to appreciate Danny Dyer, having previously seen him dismissed as a talentless cockney oik due to his association with crap footie hoolie stuff. Kellie Bright has done a great job, I think, as has Matt ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ Di Angelo.

    Yet this whole Lucy Beale storyline has been badly handled. If you’re going to build something up like they did, you need to be able to deliver the punchline, and they’ve failed dismally. You wouldn’t believe it was the same set of writers. Maybe it isn’t. I think the writers change quite regularly, and I’m in doubt that this is at least partially responsible for the show being compelling viewing for a period of months and then rubbish for a while (back from the dead Nick Cotton – dearie dearie me), and then back to worth watching again. A bit of a carousel.

    Still, the hype machine proclaimed it a triumph of television history, so it must have been, if the BBC say it was.


    • Hey there, thanks for commenting!

      I have to admit that I wrote this from someone who doesn’t watch the show religiously, so I’m not familiar with previous storylines like that of Linda Carter’s.

      As for Lucy Beale’s storyline. I think it still had that “punchline” you talk about. I don’t know who Bobby is as a character but it still shocked me as a non-viewer. I suppose the anti-climax came in his rather flawed ‘motive’.

      However, the Friday episode was an interesting one. The emotional turmoil was quite interesting to watch, but again, I still have a little disappointment somewhere – was 10 months too long?


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