Losing My Heads!

Please excuse the rather ambiguous title to this post. Earlier this week, I got new drum heads/skins for my drum kit, which was exciting!

For those who don’t know, drummers usually replace their drum heads in quite short time periods. By this, I mean that most drummers have to change theirs within the space of a year, 6 months, a month, even every gig if they are one of those hardcore drummers.

But I’ve been a tad unconventional, instead choosing to use the same drum heads I’ve had since I first started drumming – 9 years ago.

So you can imagine what they are like now. They are now off my kit, and have been replaced with snazzy new REMO heads!

However, the drumming controversy continues when I say that I have never changed a drum head before! So with that began an exciting two days where I desperately tried to tune my drums to the right notes (the “changing the drum head” part was easy).

So to conclude, you now know the meaning behind my ambiguous title!



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