My attempt at food blogging | Jamie’s Italian

Entering into the warm and social atmosphere of Jamie’s Italian in London was a relief after a long detour in and around the underground to get to its location in Covent Garden.

To start with, I began with homemade lemonade and crispy squid. Although I prefer branded lemonade, the drink was a unique take on the soft drink – perfectly combining the zing of lemon with a slight fizz.

Then came the squid, which further ignited my love of seafood. After discovering my passion for prawns, I was eager to try something new with Jamie’s “crispy squid” dish. With the squid mixing the traditional salty taste with a crisp and soft texture, the starter was a wise choice when it comes to trying something new.

For the main, I chose the “Italian Steak Frites”. Cooked just the way I liked it (a tough-to-cut but succulent ‘medium’), the steak contained Italian spices that surprised my taste buds. This spice continued in the chips or “frites” side. However, the spice was overwhelmed by the chips being slightly over-salted in my opinion. Nevertheless, the main course was enjoyable, which showcased new and exciting spices.

To conclude the meal for the evening, I finished with their ‘epic brownie’. This was a small rectangular brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce. When eating the brownie combined with the ice-cream, the solid, crumbly brownie melted in my mouth and merged with the creams and sauces. I was quick to finish the desert and left me feeling contented both as a customer and a consumer.

Rating: ****


9 thoughts on “My attempt at food blogging | Jamie’s Italian

  1. I have also eaten at this Jamies. It was well priced considering its location and popularity.
    I would agree that there needs to be some pictures to break up the text. Otherwise short and to the point… just how I like my food reviews!


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