The Meaning of the Self-Critic of Writing

A week ago, I said in a post that I had begun the planning stages of my latest novel (see here). However, over the week I had a lot of self-doubt as usual with my new idea – questions of credibility were asked, and I had to seriously reorganise key plot details.

At one point, this self-doubt saw the return of my “self-critic”. It did win at one point and I gave up. However, I have said in previous posts that my latest idea won’t go away. So, when I left the idea to develop, I had a period of writer’s block, before I realised what the issue with my idea was…

I had an idea for a more developed character. In the past the characters must have been more two-dimensional, but now, I have protagonists and antagonists that can create an interesting plot. In summary, I believe that the self-critic of writing may be my imagination telling me something. In this instance, I obviously forgot to develop my characters.

Now I will start developing a plot synopsis, and it won’t be long until I’ll be back writing again – which I haven’t done for a long time.



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