Thoughts on Blog Schedules

Ironically, this post about schedules was meant to go up at 12pm GMT. However, I thought for today’s post I should talk about my thoughts on blogging schedules…

In the past, I was very stats-obsessed on this blog. It doesn’t matter much now but at the time this led to me posting every day in an attempt to get my stats up. Of course, over time this led to me quickly running out of blog post ideas – eventually I would put out rushed posts that would not be of a quality I would have particularly liked.

So towards the end of last year, I decided to come up with a new schedule, where blogging every day was cut down to every other day (Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s). I currently stick to this schedule and it soon became easier to come up with new blog post ideas. Additionally, I could then use the free day specifically for further publicising blog posts, which I was unable to do when posting every day.

However, with me having a strong writer’s block, blog post ideas have declined at the start of the year. As some of you may have noticed, I tend to post at 7pm instead of 12pm…

So whilst I have considered having no schedule at all, I have feared that not posting regularly can have an effect on my blog statistics (which I am still a tad obsessed with). But something that has helped with this is by investing in a Filofax dedicated to blogging. Already I now have a few future dates where I know what I will be blogging about.

Overall, I will still be blogging every other day, but the schedule may be inconsistent for a short period.

If you have any tips for defeating “writers/bloggers block” then do comment below! Also, let me know if you schedule as well!



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