Musical Problems #2

For those who haven’t seen my first post in this series, these set of posts describe songs that have become earworms of mine, but nothing stops me from buying them!

So at the moment, here are some songs that are lingering in that category.

Wish You Were Mine by Philip George

You can read my full review of this song here, but despite the song’s catchy synthesiser melodies, the track’s high-pitched alteration in Stevie Wonder’s vocals can be an ear-sore when listening to the song again.

Closer by Rae Morris

This is not the first time that I have heard Rae Morris’ talented vocals. Her track with Clean Bandit, Up Again is a fast-paced drum-and-bass track, but unfortunately, this slow tempo single is a different style.

Whilst the unnatural lyrics bring an intriguing side to the song, the repetition of the verses makes this song a bit too repetitive for me.

Desire by Years & Years

I was fortunate enough to see this band perform as part of Clean Bandit’s show in Birmingham (read the post here). Unfortunately the acoustics were bad on the night, but this was one of my favourite songs of their set. But whilst the chorus is soulful and groovy, the verses don’t live up to the same style of the chorus.

Heroes (we could be) by Alesso feat. Tove Lo

I have always admired Alesso’s work as a DJ, and Tove Lo’s vocals on this track are to be commended. But whilst her vocal talent brings an interesting addition to the song, the electronic chorus of the track is not my sort of techno – unfortunately.

No Enemiesz by Kiesza

Kiesza’s debut single, Hideaway, was a favourite of mine upon its release, and this single is a nice continuation of Kiesza’s unique style. Whilst the lyrics and vocals (as well as the dancing in the official music video) are consistent, the track’s chorus is too much deep house for my liking – unlike the bubbly PPP style of Hideaway.

Are you the same? Are there any songs you love, but something is holding you back from buying? Comment below!


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