Being Resolute | Resolutions 2015

Today is the last day of 2014, and without wanting to reflect on the year in a cliché manner, I just wanted to say how awesome this year has been. I have met some of my resolutions this year, and that just goes to show how great 2014 was.

Experience more
This definitely happened. At the start of the year I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the NDCS YAB (here and here), where I’ve made so many new friends and seen so many new places (I went to Scotland for the first time!). My university visits also led to me seeing different areas of the country I’ve never been to before. Then, there’s the numerous gigs I’ve been to this year (such as V Festival and Clean Bandit). So many exciting things happened!

Finish a flipping book this year
Ah…About that… That brings me on to 2015’s resolutions…

2015’s resolutions are:
1. Travel more
2. Try and go to more concerts and events
3. Seriously, finish writing a book!

What are your resolutions for 2015? Did you manage to meet your resolutions for last year? Comment below!


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