The Meaning of the Self-Critic of Writing

A week ago, I said in a post that I had begun the planning stages of my latest novel (see here). However, over the week I had a lot of self-doubt as usual with my new idea – questions of credibility were asked, and I had to seriously reorganise key plot details.

At one point, this self-doubt saw the return of my “self-critic”. It did win at one point and I gave up. However, I have said in previous posts that my latest idea won’t go away. So, when I left the idea to develop, I had a period of writer’s block, before I realised what the issue with my idea was…

I had an idea for a more developed character. In the past the characters must have been more two-dimensional, but now, I have protagonists and antagonists that can create an interesting plot. In summary, I believe that the self-critic of writing may be my imagination telling me something. In this instance, I obviously forgot to develop my characters.

Now I will start developing a plot synopsis, and it won’t be long until I’ll be back writing again – which I haven’t done for a long time.



Thoughts on Blog Schedules

Ironically, this post about schedules was meant to go up at 12pm GMT. However, I thought for today’s post I should talk about my thoughts on blogging schedules…

In the past, I was very stats-obsessed on this blog. It doesn’t matter much now but at the time this led to me posting every day in an attempt to get my stats up. Of course, over time this led to me quickly running out of blog post ideas – eventually I would put out rushed posts that would not be of a quality I would have particularly liked.

So towards the end of last year, I decided to come up with a new schedule, where blogging every day was cut down to every other day (Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s). I currently stick to this schedule and it soon became easier to come up with new blog post ideas. Additionally, I could then use the free day specifically for further publicising blog posts, which I was unable to do when posting every day.

However, with me having a strong writer’s block, blog post ideas have declined at the start of the year. As some of you may have noticed, I tend to post at 7pm instead of 12pm…

So whilst I have considered having no schedule at all, I have feared that not posting regularly can have an effect on my blog statistics (which I am still a tad obsessed with). But something that has helped with this is by investing in a Filofax dedicated to blogging. Already I now have a few future dates where I know what I will be blogging about.

Overall, I will still be blogging every other day, but the schedule may be inconsistent for a short period.

If you have any tips for defeating “writers/bloggers block” then do comment below! Also, let me know if you schedule as well!


5 Bands/Artists I Want to See Live!

Last year was a great year for me when I went to my first ever festival (read my V Festival 2014 blog post here) and I saw a lot of people that I wanted to see. However, there’s still a few people I would love to see live in the future.

1. Capital Cities
Capital Cities’ debut album was one of the first albums I listened to where I liked every single track. Therefore, if I see them live, it would be amazing to see the band perform the songs in front of an audience.

2. Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris has always been at the big festivals, and is known for getting a crowd going, so I thought he would be good fun to see live!

3. Madeon
Ever since I heard Finale I have been a fan of Madeon’s music. I have seen some of his live performances online and so I’d like to see him live – hopefully when he tours after releasing his debut album, Adventure.

4. Sam Smith
Unfortunately due to a performance clash at V Festival I only caught the end of Sam Smith’s performance. Now I regret it as his talent is amazing, and tickets sell out fast.

5. Clean Bandit
OK, so I have seen this band already (see here), but I would love to see them again where they are touring/performing alongside Jess Glynne. Also, I’d like to see them perform some of their deluxe album tracks – which I didn’t get to see last year.

Who would you like to see live? Comment below!


Thoughts on Reading Deadlines | Weekly Update

At the moment, I really want to get rid of my TBR (To Be Read) bookshelf. Currently, I still have series to finish, as well as the occasional stand-alone novel. But I hope to finish the book I reading now before the end of February. However, do reading deadlines take the fun out of reading?

Personally, I agree with many other writers who encourage reading as a choice (rather than being forced to through essays and “reading logs”). However, with reading deadlines having a similar level of discipline, I think they are OK in certain scenarios.

If the book the person is reading is an interesting one, then there is no need for a deadline – it comes naturally. Therefore, I think reading deadlines are only useful/relevant/acceptable to encourage the individual to finish the book so they can move on to a more exciting novel that they actually want to read.

This is me at the moment, where I have to read the last novel because I want to know what happens – but at the same time, the book is slow, so I will have to persevere.

What do you think on reading deadlines? Comment below!


Liam begins writing process | The Friday Article

After working on an idea since 2014, blogger Liam O’Dell has now begun the planning stages of his latest novel.

Since the end of last year, the blogger, who blogs at The Life of a Thinker, has wrestled with one main novel idea. Now, the blogger has begun planning and developing the main idea.

“I think the only issue I have now is character names. I always struggle with them.” Liam said.

The announcement comes on the same day as National Handwriting Day, which Liam thinks is a fun thing to celebrate.

“I always used to study handwriting in depth as a child. My handwriting has changed a bit since then but it’s still similar!”

“I mostly use technology but I still use handwriting in my notebooks and for general note-taking.” he added.

Liam hopes that the planning stages will finish soon. He also plans on reviving his writing progress series on his blog, which will chart his writing progress.


Musical Problems #2

For those who haven’t seen my first post in this series, these set of posts describe songs that have become earworms of mine, but nothing stops me from buying them!

So at the moment, here are some songs that are lingering in that category.

Wish You Were Mine by Philip George

You can read my full review of this song here, but despite the song’s catchy synthesiser melodies, the track’s high-pitched alteration in Stevie Wonder’s vocals can be an ear-sore when listening to the song again.

Closer by Rae Morris

This is not the first time that I have heard Rae Morris’ talented vocals. Her track with Clean Bandit, Up Again is a fast-paced drum-and-bass track, but unfortunately, this slow tempo single is a different style.

Whilst the unnatural lyrics bring an intriguing side to the song, the repetition of the verses makes this song a bit too repetitive for me.

Desire by Years & Years

I was fortunate enough to see this band perform as part of Clean Bandit’s show in Birmingham (read the post here). Unfortunately the acoustics were bad on the night, but this was one of my favourite songs of their set. But whilst the chorus is soulful and groovy, the verses don’t live up to the same style of the chorus.

Heroes (we could be) by Alesso feat. Tove Lo

I have always admired Alesso’s work as a DJ, and Tove Lo’s vocals on this track are to be commended. But whilst her vocal talent brings an interesting addition to the song, the electronic chorus of the track is not my sort of techno – unfortunately.

No Enemiesz by Kiesza

Kiesza’s debut single, Hideaway, was a favourite of mine upon its release, and this single is a nice continuation of Kiesza’s unique style. Whilst the lyrics and vocals (as well as the dancing in the official music video) are consistent, the track’s chorus is too much deep house for my liking – unlike the bubbly PPP style of Hideaway.

Are you the same? Are there any songs you love, but something is holding you back from buying? Comment below!


Madeon reveals details for debut album, ‘Adventure’

French DJ Hugo Leclercq – better known by his stage name of Madeon – has released the details of his debut album, entitled Adventure today.

The album will feature the musician’s collaboration with Kyan on You’re On, as well as another previous release – Imperium. The album will have a total of 12 tracks, with an additional 6 tracks on the deluxe edition.

Upon the release of the album’s tracklist, it has been revealed that featured artists include the likes of Bastille’s main singer, Dan Smith, as well as Passion Pit.

The deluxe edition will also include Leclercq’s previous successes, such as The City, Icarus, Finale and Technicolor.

Both versions of the album will be released on the 30 March, with the album available to pre-order on iTunes.