The 2014 Review

With two days left before the end of 2014, I thought I would provide a fun review of this year in a weird, award-like fashion…

Song of 2014:
Whilst Pharrell Williams’ Happy did make a considerable and rather large impression on the charts this year, the unique style of Clean Bandit’s Rather Be wins the title for me.

Book of 2014:
Unfortunately I found Gone Girl underwhelming in terms of its ending. Therefore, it would have to go to Jonas Jonasson’s The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared – the first book to make me proper laugh out loud!

TV Show of 2014:
Sorry, it has to go to Sherlock of course! I only found out about the show when it was in its second series, so this year was definitely the best year to watch it!

Film of 2014:
I did the worst thing of seeing the film first, but Divergent was a brilliant film to see this year. The action and emotion were just great.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Comment below!



3 thoughts on “The 2014 Review

  1. I saw the movie Gone Girl and loved it. Interesting how they did that, given it was from two poeple’s PoV’s. Someone gave me the book the book for Christmas so it’s in my queue to To-Reads. Despite your dislike of the ending I’m still looking forward to it.


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