Musical Discovery: ‘Stronger’ by Clean Bandit

Last week’s Musical Discovery was Clean Bandit’s cover of Show Me Love, taken from the special edition of their debut album, New Eyes. Today’s Musical Discovery is their new track, Stronger, also taken from the special edition.

(The track has no official video or recording yet.)

The song itself begins with a melody that starts on-beat before going off-beat. As a listener, this can be both confusing and intriguing, but the song later reverts back to an on-beat rhythm.

For fans of Clean Bandit, Stronger is very similar to their number one single, Rather Be, containing feel good piano riffs, the occasional flurry of violin solos and soulful vocals.

However, I felt as though the song comes to a rather abrupt finish, with the tune stopping altogether. Unlike Rather Be and Extraordinary, there is no slow pause. But overall, the song is another single which adds to their collection of chart hits.

What do you think of this song? Comment below!


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