#bookbloggers | Answering My Questions

Yesterday I was fortunate to guest-host the #bookbloggers chat on Twitter. This chat is run by the @BookBlogChat account, but I’m running the chat until further notice!

So yesterday my topic was SPOILERS, and I thought it may be good to answer my questions myself, as well as getting a discussion going here! So here are the questions – feel free to comment your answers below!

Q1. What book, that you really wanted to read, was ruined by a spoiler?

I think I’ve been rather fortunate! I don’t think I have had a book spoiled for me.

Q2. When writing book reviews for your blog, how detailed do you make them?

For me, it’s mostly a like/dislike sort of thing, with a tad bit of detail.

Q3. Do you read the book before the film to prevent spoilers?

Of course! Well, I try to…

Q4. How do you prevent yourself from seeing spoilers if you’re new to a book trend?

I think, to some extent, it’s unavoidable – sadly.

Q5. What places would you say are no-go areas for book spoilers?

I’ve never really seen a place online that posts a large amount of spoilers, but I think discussion forums, videos and posts can be the worst.

Q6. What is the best way to describe a book to others (in a post or when talking to them) without spoiling it?

I find that describing the blurb – with a little extra detail – does the trick!

The chat runs every Tuesday, 7pm to 8pm. Follow me @lifeofathinker to get involved!

What are your answers to the questions? Comment below!



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