The Friday Article: Liam asks fellow writers for advice!

Lifestyle blogger Liam O’Dell, owner of The Life of a Thinker has revived a popular blog theme to ask fellow writers for help.

The Friday Article saw the blogger practice and showcase his journalistic skills when writing about his latest news and opinions.

But now, Liam has brought back the feature after having some struggles with his latest novel idea.

Liam said: “In the past, I find that planning a synopsis tends to help. If I was to go in with no plan at all, that’s when I get tempted to give up on the idea altogether.”

“Basically I’m asking fellow writers out there about whether I should wait for a plan to develop, or write without a plan and run the risk of giving up on the idea.” he added.

Liam went on to add that he welcomes advice on the matter and those who want to share advice can comment it in the comment section below.



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