Thoughts on Doctor Who Series 8 (SPOILERS)

I thought I would comment on Peter Capaldi’s take on the Doctor in the middle of Series 8, but then I thought I would leave it until the series finale yesterday.

After the final episode yesterday, it’s fair to say that Doctor Who as a show, as well as Capaldi’s Doctor, have both taken a new direction.

First of all, I liked the new incarnation of the Doctor. I did have a feeling that he would be a stricter and darker character this time round, and I was right. So when the Doctor has a flashback in the series finale to the question: “Am I a good man?”, we are as confused as Clara. This Doctor has definitely come across as enigmatic, which is something unique.

Then there’s the topic of Missy/Mistress/The Master. Unfortunately it was somewhat predictable that it may have been a female regeneration of the Master. However, it was interesting to see that regenerations can lead to a change in gender. Is a possible female Doctor still on the cards in the future? Also, I don’t know if I missed the explanation for her regeneration – how did she survive being sent back into the Time War?

Continuing with the series finale, there was definitely some shocking twists that I did not expect. The murder of Osgood by Missy was infuriating as I thought the Doctor offered her the chance of a companionship. If that was the case, then I thought Osgood would have made a great companion after Clara. I don’t know how likely this is, but maybe Missy killed the Zygon version? Whatever happened to them after the Day of the Doctor?

But overall, it was another emotional episode with the farewell to Clara and Danny, and cleverly rounded up some sub-plots, paving the way to the Christmas special with Nick Frost, which I anticipate.

What did you think of the series? Comment below!


P.S. Thanks everyone for over 20,000 all-time views!


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Doctor Who Series 8 (SPOILERS)

  1. I loved this episode. It was a little hard to concentrate on it though because I live in South Kensington, and we could see the fireworks from the Chelsea embankment from our kitchen window. So I was constantly turning my head from the TV to the fireworks which were really pretty. But anyway, back to Doctor Who. I really liked it. I thought the ending was sad but they’ll find out that they lied to each other in the Christmas special I guess. I really like Danny and didn’t want him to die. But I thought him sending back that boy was the sweetest thing ever. 🙂


    • I agree. It was to be expected, but such an emotional ending and send-off. I didn’t think Danny should have died either!

      Sorry, what do you mean about them finding out that they lied to each other? I must have missed that part… Haha!


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