Thoughts on Bonfire Night

I think it’s this time of year where 2014 puts its foot on the accelerator and the rest of the year whizzes past. It becomes this one big to-do list: Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, Boxing Day and then New Year’s. After that, it slides into the next year – 2015.

But for me at least, Halloween and Bonfire Night are no longer interesting to me. Due to health and safety Bonfire Night is only restricted to local parks or public events, so unfortunately I won’t be celebrating at all this week.

Are you celebrating Bonfire Night this year? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Bonfire Night

  1. I’ll be out there with my rockets and roman candles as usual, I might even build a bonfire. Pity you can’t still get jumping crackers and Canon bangers.
    Organised displays and safety fanatics will be the death of Guy Fawkes Night.


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