Weekly Update: December’s To-Do List

December is the month for completing things. In the most obvious of senses, it marks the end of the year, but for me, there’s also other things that will be completed at the end of 2014.

First off, I have a few university interviews – which are exciting! But as well as that, I have my Theory Test.

As well as that, the year will mark another year over, and I can look back on my resolutions for this year – a post on that will be up soon!

There’s also Christmas too, meaning that I will soon have to start Christmas shopping!

So there will definitely be some progress as 2014 ends. What are you hoping to get done before the year is up? Comment below!

Have a good week!



The Time When I Get Things Sorted…

The month of November has been a busy one. For most of the month, I’ve pushed through a long list of things to do. Now, I may actually have some time to fit in some precious writing time amongst my other commitments.

Having said that, the delay in getting back to writing has allowed my ideas to organise themselves a bit. Now I can write with a well-rounded idea. It’s always been a bit confusing with multiple ideas, but now I have a plot that includes all of them and I’m rather happy!


#bookbloggers | Answering My Questions

Yesterday I was fortunate to guest-host the #bookbloggers chat on Twitter. This chat is run by the @BookBlogChat account, but I’m running the chat until further notice!

So yesterday my topic was SPOILERS, and I thought it may be good to answer my questions myself, as well as getting a discussion going here! So here are the questions – feel free to comment your answers below!

Q1. What book, that you really wanted to read, was ruined by a spoiler?

I think I’ve been rather fortunate! I don’t think I have had a book spoiled for me.

Q2. When writing book reviews for your blog, how detailed do you make them?

For me, it’s mostly a like/dislike sort of thing, with a tad bit of detail.

Q3. Do you read the book before the film to prevent spoilers?

Of course! Well, I try to…

Q4. How do you prevent yourself from seeing spoilers if you’re new to a book trend?

I think, to some extent, it’s unavoidable – sadly.

Q5. What places would you say are no-go areas for book spoilers?

I’ve never really seen a place online that posts a large amount of spoilers, but I think discussion forums, videos and posts can be the worst.

Q6. What is the best way to describe a book to others (in a post or when talking to them) without spoiling it?

I find that describing the blurb – with a little extra detail – does the trick!

The chat runs every Tuesday, 7pm to 8pm. Follow me @lifeofathinker to get involved!

What are your answers to the questions? Comment below!


Musical Discovery: ‘Show Me Love’ by Clean Bandit

Regular followers of my blog will know that I saw Clean Bandit live (read more here. The band left the stage, waiting for the encore, and when they came back on, they performed a brilliant rendition of Robin S.’ Show Me Love.

The song begins with a funky and clever adaptation of the song’s main riff, but on the string instruments. It then descends into the house Clean Bandit do so well. The track preserves the greatness of the dance classic, whilst giving the song their own unique style. Elisabeth Troy’s vocals also make sure that the lyrics are sung with the same emotion as the original.

The song was often performed live and on TV, but is now available on the Deluxe Edition of Clean Bandit’s debut album, New Eyes.

What do you think? Comment below!


Weekly Update: Universities and Theory Tests

I haven’t really done a weekly update for a while – sorry – but a lot of things have happened this week that I thought I should update you on.

First of all, I am at that stage now where I have applied for my theory test. It’s next month and I think I’ll do OK!

The other news is that my university application has been sent off now. Already I have requests for interviews for courses, and it’s all rather exciting!

So a lot of good and exciting progress is being made! How was your week? Comment below!

Have a good week!


Thoughts on the Creative Writing A-Level

When I found out last year that Creative Writing would be available to me as an A-Level, I was overjoyed.

I have since learned that it is more than just fiction and non-fiction – it is all the different genres within that.

Already I am improving my fiction writing and poetry, but I’m now considering playwriting as an option too! Basically, watch this space!

What form of creative writing do you like doing? Comment below!


Detectives without clichés

With my latest idea for a crime novel, I knew that I needed a detective that fits the situation, making the book an interesting read. However, one thing I struggle with, is creating a unique detective. They can’t be an alcoholic, or rebellious, so the question is: how do you create a detective without clichés?

In the past, I’ve often found work-arounds with the protagonist being someone aside from a police officer. However, that does have its limitations…

I know that each character must have its flaws, but I think it’s a matter of making my characters believable.

So I suppose this is another question to ask you! How do you make a character unique, believable and without the clichés? Comment below!