Review: ‘New Eyes’ by Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit are to be admired for their brilliant merging of classical and electronic dance music. Their debut album, New Eyes, is the perfect album to showcase their unique talent.

Each track on the album sees professional and unique orchestral melodies that work well with the catchy electronic overlay created. Collaborations with the likes of Sharna Bass, Rae Morris and Jess Glynne add the perfect finish to each track, showcasing the skills of the featured vocalists.

Most tracks often have a strong electronic base, with slight additions from the cello and violin. Dust Clears begins with a slow tempo with synthesised vocals, before orchestral solos are introduced near the end. Another similar track to this is Up Again, but in the opposite order – starting with a soulful introduction by Morris, accompanied by the strings, before developing into a fast-paced dance track.

New Eyes is the perfect debut album for Clean Bandit, introducing listeners to brand new tracks, each with their own unique style.



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