#bookbloggers: Book Signings!

I love Twitter chats. I have only recently been introduced to them, but now I am a regular contributor to two chats: #bookbloggers and lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers).

But more excitingly, on a temporary basis, I am guest-hosting the #bookbloggers chat for a while!

I will not be hosting next week, but Rare Opal shall be (do check out her blog!). I will then be hosting from then on! You can follow me @lifeofathinker.

Every chat is Tuesday, 7PM – 8PM (GMT). I hosted yesterday as well, and the topic was Book Signings! So I thought I would answer the questions I asked!

Q1. Do you have any signed books?
I do! I have a signed copy of Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver, as well as some signed books by Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series.

Q2. How do you like your books personalised? What message do you like it to say?
Something to do with the event itself, or something you talked about, is always nice!

Q3. Have you ever written about a book signing event on your blog?
Nope, but it’s a good idea!

Q4. If you have been to book signings, who was your favourite author to meet?
Ooh I can’t choose! Both Robert Muchamore and Derek Landy were nice people to meet!

Q5. Do you prefer to buy pre-signed books or get them personally signed?
I think there’s always something special about getting a book personally signed!

Q6. Do you have any tips about how to pass the time waiting for your book to be signed?
Read! I guess that would be the main thing. I think you should always bring something to do whilst waiting. A mobile phone or a book, I think!

What are your answers? Comment below! I look forward to seeing you next week for the next #bookbloggers chat!



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