Writing Progress: Confusion

(Sorry for not posting this yesterday!)

So I feel as though I haven’t updated you all on my writing progress for a while. Putting the whole UCAS business aside, I think it’s slowly getting there.

I’m spending more time reading than I am writing at the moment. I guess this is because I need more ideas and time to get the imagination flowing. I do have an idea, but I’m stuck about the approach. Is it this genre, or that genre? Is it first person, or third person?

Another thing is that the idea, in one form, can have a great follow on story. However, this would then mean that the first book has a section of the plot that doesn’t quite fit. So I’m confused… Shall I make it a stand-alone? Or try and hint at another novel?

Basically, I have so many questions that need thinking about and answering. Of course, if there are any developments I shall let you know!


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