Open Days: Visiting Lincoln University

I arrived in the city of Lincoln with a few minutes to spare and a view of the historic cathedral that overlooks the city.

Throughout the day I walked around the campus and saw the wonderful atmosphere that Lincoln has to offer. In one area there is a small river that I know will offer relaxing days in the summer months…

As well as that, there is a train station that runs close to the university, so there are great transport links in Lincoln, which is always useful.

After the accommodation talk, I then had some time to spare before the journalism talk. I decided it would be good and interesting to have a look at the media building – since this is where journalism is based.

As soon as I entered the building I saw that the local community radio station has a studio based at the university, which I loved as I’ve always wanted to host a radio show. It was also great to see that the university has so many facilities that can enhance my CV when I get involved with them!

Then came the journalism talk. The basis of this was to offer an insight in the course. At the end, I was really excited. The course looks perfect and definitely gives students a range of skills in different areas of journalism, as well as invaluable work experience.

The last thing on my agenda was to visit some of the accommodation on offer. I had a look at one area of accommodation and I was really impressed. Overall, both the course and the university itself were very impressive.

So this was my last open day blog post for a while! Do you like these travel-style posts? Comment below if you like them and I’ll try and do more in the future!



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