Musical Discovery: ‘I Know’ by Shift K3y

Shift K3y’s latest single, I Know, is making its way up the UK Singles Chart, and is a great follow-up to his debut single, Touch.

Whilst Touch had a hint of 90’s style, I Know showcases more of his skills as a musician. This time the song adopts a more funky synth approach, with each beat drop being unique but memorable.

As well as that, the song has a perfect mix of soulful vocals, and instrumental melodies. The track itself begins with a groovy synth riff, and xylophone-sounding tune. Both definitely set the style of the single.

Overall, the song will be a great success for the musician. I look forward to future singles and tracks!


2 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘I Know’ by Shift K3y

    • Huzzah! I’m glad you like it! I think, what with a lot of pop songs having electronic styles, that dance songs like these get classed as pop. But pop is popular music, and I guess that changes all the time! Haha!


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