The 1st Person Insight

At the moment, a lot of thoughts are whizzing around my mind, and one of them is the question of what narrative will I use?

So this got me thinking about the 1st and 3rd person narratives (sorry 2nd person), and the insight they can provide.

In particular, I find that the 3rd person is the traditional form, with the narrative allowing for “the omniscient narrator”. However, the 1st person narrative is more interesting in my opinion…

The mauve way that it is more interesting is through the sense of psychological insight. For this, there is no greater example than that of Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. In this sense, Haddon is able to provide the perfect insight into such a complex disability such as autism. It is for that reason that it is one of my favourite books ever.

In summary, despite it being plot-restrictive, using a first person narrative is great for exploring psychological processes, which in turn can lead to some interesting reading…

Do you agree? Which of the three narratives do you use the most? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “The 1st Person Insight

  1. I’m with you. Whereas writing in first person does restrict your movements as a writer in terms of available points of view, I think 1st person allows more justification for getting inside that character’s head whihc, as you say, has the potential for far more interesting character exposure. For some reason for me at least, getting inside a character’s head in 3rd person (both forms) doesn’t seem quite appropriate. But what would I know?


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