Book Recommendations, Please!

Hi everyone! So this is just a quick post today. I am looking for book recommendations for future books to read (I am always on the lookout for new books!). To give you an idea of what books I like, recently read books include The One Hundred Year Old Man… by Jonas Jonasson (when it comes to contemporary fiction, that is).

But I also like YA and crime novels, too! I like a bit of Gone Girl and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, with the Skulduggery Pleasant series being my favourite YA series.

I’m also looking for anyone’s thoughts (NO SPOILERS, please!) on Nineteen Eighty Four. I’m definitely going to read it, but it’s be good to hear other people’s thoughts!

Thanks everyone!



5 thoughts on “Book Recommendations, Please!

    • Oh great! Thanks for the 1984 recommendation! Ah, I did have a look at that book, but it didn’t look like a book I would like, unfortunately (I thought the style was a bit weird!)!

      Do you have any other books you’d like to recommend? 🙂


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