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So at the start of September, I was introduced to Year 13 – the last year of A-Levels, and the last year before talks of universities and apprenticeships start to become more common.

This year, I am still studying Communication and Culture, ICT and English. But with Use of Maths being only a one-year course, I finished the course. This was at the exact same time that Creative Writing was set to become a Year 12 option at my school. I applied, and I got in! I now have creative writing lessons! Huzzah!

Already I have had a couple of lessons, and it is continuing to spark my imagination. I have learned about non-fiction styles I have yet to explore, and today, I wrote what I think was my first bit of comedy writing (even if I do say so myself!)

But I think the course has been great so far at teaching me about learning to write different styles – it’s alright to specialise, but not before you’ve explored other options.

Are you a writer? What do you write? Have you studied Creative Writing as an AS level? Comment below!


(P.S. Sorry for this not going up yesterday!)


4 thoughts on “Creative Writing

  1. I do English with Creative writing as a degree at The University of Birmingham. I think it’s really interesting and cool that they are now offering it as an A level! The creative writing is by far my favourite part of my degree, but, if you are thinking about taking it further, I would recommend taking it along side English. Not only does the studying of literature greatly improve your own writing, but the demanding academic nature of English is more popular with employers. Hope you enjoy the rest of your course!


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