Open Days: Visiting Sheffield University

With the deadline for UCAS lingering in the background of my life, personal statements and open days are becoming important things in my life at the moment…

So for those who don’t know, I hope to enter the journalism industry – whether that be through an apprenticeship or through a degree at university, I am still unsure…

But I’m still applying for university. One of those on my top five universities is Sheffield University, which I visited today.

Firstly, we had to travel to the University. This involved travelling on rather cool Wi-Fi busses, and my first ever visit on a tram.


Then we travelled to the Arts Tower, where we had a talk from the subject leader. This included comments from past and current students on the course, along with information about journalism and the course. It was interesting and definitely gave me food for thought.

We got lost a couple of times, before we went to the Students’ Union for a look around the accommodation, which looked alright! We saw both catered and self-catered accommodation.





But overall, it was definitely an interesting day, giving us more thoughts and ideas to look into. The area itself was a city, but had a nice mix of urban and rural style. It is definitely a university to consider…

Additionally, I also caught a glimpse of the building with the poem “In Praise of Air” on the outside. The paper which the poem is printed on is supposed to be good for the environment!



9 thoughts on “Open Days: Visiting Sheffield University

  1. Nice! Interesting how your college spaces look like ours. One piece of useful advice; when you go, take objects that can serve more than one purpose. Example: I had a plastic crate which was great for storing schoolbooks but also served as a lamp/clock table. Very handy.


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