Finding the Unknown Song

Unfortunately I have not found a “musical discovery” lately. Instead, I thought I would talk about an aspect of music that I’m sure we can all relate to – being unable to find the name of a song you love.

It has happened so many times before for me. Firstly, it’s not great being deaf as the lyrics are the first thing that helps to identify a song. However, half the time I can’t hear them! The other times are when I don’t have a phone to hand to quickly Google or Shazam the song.

Shazam – by the way – along with Soundcloud, are new mobile apps that can recognise a song immediately. Personally, Shazam is my favourite for its simplicity.

But what if an app isn’t to hand? Is the song lost forever? Will it always be unknown to you?

It may be. But here are a few tips I have for finding that unknown song…

1. Listen to the lyrics. Any verse or chorus is fine.

2. Try and see if there is a repeated word in the song. There’s a chance that this may be the title of the song, or at least it may help you.

3. If you are able to find the tune, Shazam it, otherwise, search Google for possible song lyrics.

Despite this though, I still have a few songs that I am yet to identify. Hopefully these tips help!

Do you have any tips, or maybe you’ve experienced this problem as well? Comment below!



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