Musical Discovery: Rude by MAGIC! (Zedd Remix)

The original track was a huge success in the singles chart in the past, but now it looks like Rude by MAGIC! will enter the charts again, this time with a remix from Zedd.

With this remix, what would have been a slight off-beat feel becomes a strong electronic dance track, with a brand new chorus with a synth interlude adding to the greatness of the original single. Overall, a very funky and catchy remix.



Open Days: Visiting De Montfort University

The university itself was easy to find, and it wasn’t long before I was greeted with both historical and post-modernist buildings. With a sound system playing in the main square as I registered, the next thing on my list was to attend an accommodation tour.

The building we visited was just one of the many accommodation suites on offer. Liberty Suite offered a nice leisure area to socialise with other residents, as well as a nice cosy room to reside in at university.

Next on the agenda was a subject talk from the English Language department. As the presentation continued, I found that a majority of the topics mentioned related to the Communication and Culture A-Level, with the course promising to touch on the power of language and the additional ideas a language can communicate. When the talk ended I was immediately intrigued in the course.

The next talk was that of the Journalism department. One intriguing insight regarding De Montfort is that it offers a “Joint Honours” course of English Language with Journalism. But at this course, it was revealed that only the Single Honours course is accredited by the NCTJ and covers shorthand. Eventually, I came to realise that maybe single honours Journalism may be better. But I still remain undecided…

After grabbing a quick lunch I returned to De Montfort to have an intriguing Student Finance talk. Then, it was time to have a look at a few more student accommodation sites. These, despite varying in location, all offered reasonable services.

Then that concluded my day at De Montfort!


Musical Discovery: ‘I Know’ by Shift K3y

Shift K3y’s latest single, I Know, is making its way up the UK Singles Chart, and is a great follow-up to his debut single, Touch.

Whilst Touch had a hint of 90’s style, I Know showcases more of his skills as a musician. This time the song adopts a more funky synth approach, with each beat drop being unique but memorable.

As well as that, the song has a perfect mix of soulful vocals, and instrumental melodies. The track itself begins with a groovy synth riff, and xylophone-sounding tune. Both definitely set the style of the single.

Overall, the song will be a great success for the musician. I look forward to future singles and tracks!


Thoughts on Humour in Writing

As the title suggests, today I shall be talking about writing humour. This post comes after finishing The One Hundred Year Old Man by Jonas Jonasson recently (review here. But before I start, any time I tell a joke it’s like a tumbleweed moment. No? Anyone? I’ll see myself out…

So as you can see, I’m rubbish at humour. However, there are times where everyone can do a bit of physical or verbal comedy without being aware (ie. You’ve Been Framed). So why is it so hard to write humour?

I think humour is a fragile thing to discuss. As soon as someone analyses what it is that makes a joke, it no longer is funny. It needs to be funny when you first read it, and it needs to be understandable.

I guess, from my limited knowledge on humour, humour itself can divide into verbal, physical or written humour. In a writing sense, I guess this can be done through the narrator (written), what the character says (verbal) and does (physical). But I guess it all comes down to timing – writing it when it matters, when there’s a punchline.

What do you think about writing humour? Can you write it? Do you have any tips? Comment below!


Review: The One-Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Alas, I have finally finished this debut novel by Swedish author Jonas Jonasson! Firstly, this book was the first that I have ever laughed at! This book definitely has its moments!

The book itself follows Allan’s life after he jumps out of that very window, but also occasionally flashes back to his past, showing how much he has influenced historical events.

When the book focussed on the present, rather than Allan’s past, the book was easier to follow for me. Unfortunately, I felt as though you needed a bit of political and historical knowledge to enjoy this book altogether. No spoilers, but the book ends weirdly too…

But, that said, a fun book to read! 3 out of 5 stars for me!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Comment below!


First Visit to Scotland | My Second NDCS Residential

It was a day after the referendum that I flew over to Glasgow for my second residential as a Youth Advisory Board (YAB) member for the NDCS (The National Deaf Children’s Society). You can find out about the first residential, when I visited Birmingham, by clicking here.

On Saturday, the day comprised of learning about education and future plans for deaf people, as well as campaigning. It was really interesting, learning about things I never knew were available for me as a deaf person, as well as giving me new ideas and perspectives.

Then, on Sunday, the primary focus was on what the YAB would be focussing on over the time we have as members. The top three were Education, Planning for the Future, and Information and Support. In the end, once all the YAB voted, Education came first. However, the YAB will still focus on the other two too!


Overall, I had a great first time in Glasgow. It is such a beautiful, historic city! I had great fun playing Crazy Golf with everyone, and Nando’s was good too. Every bit of it was awesome! Thanks to NDCS again for the amazing weekend!


The 1st Person Insight

At the moment, a lot of thoughts are whizzing around my mind, and one of them is the question of what narrative will I use?

So this got me thinking about the 1st and 3rd person narratives (sorry 2nd person), and the insight they can provide.

In particular, I find that the 3rd person is the traditional form, with the narrative allowing for “the omniscient narrator”. However, the 1st person narrative is more interesting in my opinion…

The mauve way that it is more interesting is through the sense of psychological insight. For this, there is no greater example than that of Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. In this sense, Haddon is able to provide the perfect insight into such a complex disability such as autism. It is for that reason that it is one of my favourite books ever.

In summary, despite it being plot-restrictive, using a first person narrative is great for exploring psychological processes, which in turn can lead to some interesting reading…

Do you agree? Which of the three narratives do you use the most? Comment below!