Weekly Update: Reading helping Writing

You may remember from a previous post that I mentioned about reading deadlines. I now have the final Skulduggery Pleasant book in my possession, but I still need to read one more book for school (I have already read two) and then The One Hundred Year Old Man… by Jonas Jonasson, which I started beforehand…

However, I’m not going to write about that today. Instead, I thought I would prove the fact that for writers, reading is the main way we can hone our skill.

In my case, my writing has taken a bit of a back seat lately due to other commitments and the amount of reading I have to do. But despite that, an idea is still brewing in my head, and is growing with each book that I read.

Now, I have a general idea, along with a strengthened imagination. For a while I was unable to imagine characters, only a figure in the middle of a specific scene. But eventually, I have come to get a generic idea of what my characters look like.

Therefore, there is proof! Reading is so essential to improving a writer’s writing. Do you agree? Comment below!

Let me know how your week was too, in the comments below!

Have a good week!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Reading helping Writing

  1. Totally agree! I go through phases where I will just read and read and read every book I can get my hands on. I tend to prefer reading books in the genre I like to write. Then I will stop reading and the writing will begin. It’s a cycle of reading and writing.


    • Haha! Sounds right! That’s interesting about what genres you read! I write crime fiction yet I tend to read general fiction or YA… Nonetheless, it still helps! 😀


  2. I’m not so sure. I’ve made a good living as a writer during the last ten years but hardly ever read a book. My wife, on the other hand, reads three books a week and struggles to write a shopping list!


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