Musical Discovery: Won’t Look Back by Duke Dumont

DJ Duke Dumont, famous for singles such as Need U (100%) and I Got U is back with his latest single, Won’t Look Back.

The track itself sees vibes similar to the popular hit from the 90’s, Ride on Time by Black Box. On both occasions the songs feature powerful female vocals to a fast paced dance feel.

However, this song is made unique with different styles and tempos throughout. One main factor of this song is the piano riff throughout the song that is absolutely brilliant and definitely adds to the feel good vibes.

Similarly, the song has a nice change in tempo when it comes to the bridge before the best drop, with only the vocals and piano being present. It definitely gives the song a soulful spin which builds up to the beat drop.

Talking of the beat drop, at first instance it was disappointing with no drum part apparent. But I then came to realise that it was appropriate, creating a beat that stays true to the 90’s style of the song.

Overall, I have been listening to this song many times on YouTube, and know that this will be a huge success upon release. It may be possible for it to be a number one single as well.

What do you think of the song? Comment below!



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