Silent Discos | The Saturday Article

Liam O’Dell, blogger at The Life of a Thinker, has recently returned from V Festival and has found a new music craze that he predicts will become a future success – silent discos.

Liam has mentioned this on one of his recent blog posts, but says he would like to stress how good the concept of a silent disco is.

The idea of a silent disco is that music is played through headphones instead of speakers, which means only headphone users can get involved.

The blogger, who also drums in his spare time, said: “Silent discos are more inclusive than music played through speakers.”

“Those who prefer music through quieter methods, or who may not be able to hear the music of loud speakers, will definitely enjoy the silent disco concept.”

At the moment, Liam feels more silent discos should be created. With not many silent disco events existing around the country.

The blogger hopes more silent discos will appear soon, and it will become a new trend in the music industry.



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