4 Things I Learnt from V Festival

My post on Tuesday (sorry for the irregular posting by the way!) was about me going to V Festival! You can read that here. But today, here are three tips that I learnt whilst at V Festival!

1. People will camp in any space they can find.

I know this isn’t really something you can learn exactly, but it’s something to know. Even the tiniest of gaps can create a place for a tent to be pitched! So be hopeful when it looks cramped – there are spaces!

2. Walking boots are a lifesaver.

My walking boots were comfy like trainers, and were able to cope with the mud and grass terrain at V Festival. If they are the correct size, they are more comfortable and easier than Wellington boots. They are as comfortable as your trainers too, but of course they stop your snazzy pair of trainers from getting ruined…

3. Expect high food prices (probably best to bring your own food).

Don’t get me wrong, the food is delicious (such as a bacon and beefburger, or some beef noodles), but it can be pricey! Therefore, a tip might be to bring snacks you know and love for free!

4. Be wary of projectiles (invest in a poncho).

A poncho would be great for when it rains. But as well as that, it protects you, your clothes and your phone from being covered in an unknown substance flying out of a beer can.

There have unfortunately been times for me where audience members have thrown bottles (with some liquid still inside them) around the crowd, and I’ve been on the receiving end – sadly…

Therefore, a poncho will protect you!

So those are just a few things I learnt. Are you going to any festivals, or perhaps you have some tips yourself? Let me know in the comments below!



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