Musical Discovery: Two New Songs from Maroon 5!

I’ve always been a fan of Maroon 5, previous albums were often listened to in the past, and Maroon 5 had a unique pop style that I enjoyed. This is no different in two tracks that Maroon 5 have released from their latest album, V.


This track definitely has a mellow feel. It leans more to This Love than that of Payphpne. The guitar riff is relaxing and catchy which makes it fit perfectly with Adam Levine’s vocals. The chorus is a contrast to this, with a more soulful feel that makes the song unique.

Each verse has the same style, apart from the bridge before the final chorus. For me, this didn’t match the feel of the song. But nonetheless, it is a song that clearly tells fans that this is a new and unique album from the band.

The song will be released on iTunes at the end of August.

It Was Always You

Unlike Maps, this song is lead strongly by the bass guitar and electric guitar. This track adopts an electronic rock feel, that hints at a truly diverse album. Also, the track develops in volume, adding more soul as the song develops.

As for Levine’s vocals on this song, it clearly explores his vocal range, as the song is supportive towards the vocals. Whilst Maps proves to fans that this album is unique, It Was Always You shows just how diverse this album will be.

What do you think of these songs? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: Two New Songs from Maroon 5!

  1. I like them both. Of course, can you ever go wrong with Maroon 5? 😉 My current Maroon 5 favorite is “Lucky Strike” — very good for biking.

    And congrats on getting your question answered by Capital Cities. I love their “Safe & Sound” video — great special effects.


    • Overexposed is a good album. I was listening to it whilst on holiday in Florida last year so it brings back memories!

      Thanks! I do like that song – very catchy! Haha! Their album is a good one to check out too!


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