Weekly Update: A Week in Cornwall

So – as the title suggests – I have been in Cornwall for the past week!

As well as that, I’ve been meaning to put more photos on my blog for a long, long time now, so expect some good coastal pictures coming up!

Day One:


So I arrived at Cornwall with some time spare to have a look around. I ended up visiting Trevone, where I had my first pasty! Woop! There is also a great place with a view where you can read. So I sat there and read Gone Girl. Then, the day ended with me having fish and chips for dinner – not bad!


On another note, I bought a £10 hardback copy of The Silkworm by J.K. Rowling/Robert Galbraith. So I look forward to reading both The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm soon!


Day Two:

This was the Saturday, where I did one of the things on my Bucket List. Today I rode one of these:


In case you don’t know, this is a Segway – a two-wheel vehicle that it a heck of a lot of fun to ride. Over the course of the time on the Segway, I went on a variety of terrain and courses. It was great as the machine could self-balance, which was helpful. Then, aside from a bit of shopping, we visited Padstow – where Rick Stein’s famous restaurant is located (though we didn’t go in there!).


So instead, I spent the evening admiring the pretty landscape, with a pub visit (for a drink and dinner) and some ice-cream. That was it for Day Two!


Day Three:


Today I visited the town of Mevagissey (hopefully spelt correctly!) It was here that I finished reading Gone Girl, ate more pasties, and had a look around the town!

Day Four:

Today saw me revisit Padstow, before re-visiting Porthcothan (correctly spelt this time. I always thought it was Portcothan – minus the first h!) beach. Long-time followers of The Life of a Thinker may recognise the name, as this is where my blog logo (see below) comes from. However, as mentioned in this post, it fell victim to the floods earlier this year. Basically…





It is a shame. However, there was still the possibility to take some good photos. Although it may appear uninteresting, it can still be fascinating…


After that it was a spot of bingo before reading some more of The Ghost Road by Pat Barker for A-Level English Literature.

Day Five:

The day began with some bacon rolls on the beach at Trevone, and I spent most of the day relaxing there. Then, later in the evening, I participated in a quiz. As a thinker, I love quizzes. However, with only 36 out of 70, my team was too low to win, and too high to win the booby prize… Damn!

Day Six:

Today saw me go go-karting two times. The first time was with a standard kart, which was good. However, the twin-engine kart was even better! The speed on those karts was great!

In other news, as those who follow me on Twitter will now, I tried Sushi today. My thoughts? It was tolerable… But definitely something I’ll try from time to time!

Lastly, the evening was spent eating sausages in rolls and reading my book. Bliss!


Day Seven:

The day that I had my last pasty, and I went back home!

Sorry for the rather long post, but I hope you like it! Have you ever visited Cornwall? Let me know!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: A Week in Cornwall

  1. I love Cornwall. If I had the money, I would become one of those awful tourists who buys a house there so my family would have a bolthole all year round. We used to go there all the time when my sisters and I were little, and then started going again a few years ago when my nephews were small – essentially we hire a house for a week, get loads of food in, go to various little towns and beaches and stuff ourselves silly with pasties and ice creams. We normally go to Port Isaac (across the Camel Estuary from Padstow) but this year we went to a place called Coverack which is down on the Lizard (essentially if you think of Cornwall like an arm and a hand, the Lizard is the thumbnail). It was really lovely, great little village and a nice beach but within fairly easy reach of places like St Ives as well for when you didn’t want a beach day. We’re going back next May and I already can’t wait!


    • Oh, I’m a fellow pasty lover too! I’ve been to St.Ives and Port Isaac before. They’re both great! I’ve never been to Coverack – definitely one I’ll look into! 🙂

      Very nice! Have a nice time! 😀


      • We visited Cornwall a few years ago with our daughter and loved it.
        My coastal walk while my wife and daughter went horse riding is a memory I’ll always cherish. I loved the pubs and the pasties!
        Your post brought back great memories.


      • Aw, I’m glad to hear it! That walk sounds wonderful – Cornwall is so peaceful!

        Agreed, pubs and pasties are always nice in Cornwall! Thanks for commenting!


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