Thoughts on Bookshelves

I have two. I may even have three if you count the bottom of the cupboard in the corner. Basically, I’ve got a lot of books and quite a few bookshelves.

At the moment, those three bookshelves aren’t really organised in any way, which is kind of annoying…

So, I’ve noticed recently that people organise their bookshelves based on a variety of factors:

1. Alphabetically
2. Colour order
3. To Read/To Be Read Piles
4. Categorised

However, I’m not sure which way to do mine! I’d like one to reference to (so although the colour design would look cool, it’d become a problem regarding a series of books, and trying to find them).

The categorisation one would be an issue as I would then have to design labels so I know what my categories are.

Also, the alphabetically organised one would just take up a lot of time…

But maybe I could organise into To Be Read and Read. Then, I could organise in another way on top of that (so maybe TBR/Read and Alphabetically?).

Overall, I’m not that sure! So if you have a suggestion, do leave it in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Bookshelves

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