What makes a song catchy?

Today’s post comes from a week of trying to get Frozen songs out of my head (yes, I watched it. No, I didn’t completely like it).

So, this got me thinking… What makes a song catchy (hence the title)? In particular, what can make a song fun catchy or annoyingly catchy?

Already, the chorus is a key factor. Something simplistic would be easy to remember and recite. I mean, Let it Go is simple enough…

Other than that, I guess a strong melody is the other factor. Pharrell Williams’ Happy is insanely catchy, with a strong bass melody at it’s core. Whilst Frozen has add-on melodies given by strings…

What do you think? What makes a song catchy? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “What makes a song catchy?

  1. Almost always its the melody for me and the memories it brings back. Except with Blurred Lines which has a horrifically catchy tune but abhorrent lyrics and reminds me of nothing particularly good and yet it STILL gets turned up loud whenever it’s on the radio!
    M x


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