Musical Problems

By the title, I mean as a buyer of music, I’m currently finding a lot of good music that I love, but there’s something which prevents me from adding it to my music library.

To give you some examples, here are some songs that fit into this problem, and I’ll try and give some reasons why…

1. Summer by Calvin Harris

This song’s melody is amazing, but I think it’s the verses that put me off this song…

2. Nobody to Love by Sigma

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good drum and bass song, but there are some parts of this song that ever so slightly ruin this song for me. The vocal pause (uh-huh-huh) doesn’t fit well with the song. Although the melody is great, having some vocals in the verses would make it a little less repetitive…

3. I Will Never Let You Down by Rita Ora

Catchy synth melodies and excellent vocals make this song great to listen to, but there’s just something that’s preventing me from buying it, and I don’t know what it is!

4. Budapest by George Ezra

This song’s chorus is great, but I feel as though it is too laid-back with little development.

5. Waves by Mr Probz (Robin Schulz Remix)

The repetitive melody throughout the song is what makes it so great. But I think it’s the repetition of the lyrics that puts me off buying it. Also, the song is similar to the work of Chris Malinchak – and I’m not really a fan.

Are you similar, or is it just me? Do you have a song that you like, but something’s preventing you from liking it completely? Comment below!


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