4 Exciting Book Adaptations

Over the next few weeks and months, exciting book adaptations will be appearing on some screen – be it on a cinema screen or TV screen. So, here are 4 book adaptations that I’m looking forward to!

The One Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

This is set to become a motion picture, and it is on my to-be-read list.

At first, it looks like it may be difficult to make a film out of it, but I mustn’t judge the book or film before I’ve seen one of them!

Gone Girl

I am currently reading this, and already I have a feeling that this could be a great cinematic thriller. It’s out in the cinemas soon, so I hope to read the book before the film!

The Casual Vacancy

Following Rowling’s success with Harry Potter, her next novel after the series – The Casual Vacancy – was a book with an interesting plot, but unfortunately, I didn’t feel compelled to read it.

Although, with the BBC making brilliant drama, I shall have to see how they adapt the book. It may be that I watch an adaptation before the book!

Before I Go to Sleep

This is the one book I have read out of the four. A very gripping book, but with an ending I personally found disappointing. Only recently did I manage to understand it. Nonetheless, this intriguing psychological thriller should be a great movie adaptation that will be released soon.

What book adaptations are you looking forward to seeing? Comment below!


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