Top 4 SEO Tips and Advice

Disclaimer: I am not an SEO expert! These tips come from my experience after blogging for two years.

Right, disclaimers aside, here are my top 5 tips and advice regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

1. Update often.

In order to keep on the front page of top search engines, you need to update your blog content often. Otherwise, that one-off blog post will be brushed aside by similarly named blogs and posts, and the views will decrease.

2. For Google, a Google Plus account can be beneficial.

Not only is it great as it can encourage visitors to follow you on Google + to keep updated, but from what I’ve gathered, Google values links with a Google + account associated with them, therefore, it may be a good move.

3. Get a lot of social networks, and post often on these.

Obviously social media for your blog is almost completely essential, but if you update content on these sites, they may also appear on search engines. Although they are not as direct as the search result of the actual blog itself, they can still act as a link which directs you to the site.

4. Comment on current affairs – when relevant, and when you can.

For me, I love Sherlock. So, when series three of the programme was on, I reviewed each episode of the series. Through the use of hashtags (on Twitter), and the above tips, my posts are now some of my most popular on my blog.

So those are my tips for now. Hopefully these should help, and do let me know in the comments below if you have any more to add!



4 thoughts on “Top 4 SEO Tips and Advice

  1. There are so many on page and off page techniques which we follow for the SEO, On page techniques like Update Title, Description and keywords meta tags in your website according to the page. And there are some off page techniques like article Submission, blog submission, Directory, bookmarking submission, Guest posting, Press Release, Blog and forum comments etc.


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